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This is my 4th year inside the ICONIC EMPIRE Mastermind and is hands down one of the best investments I have ever made in my business (9-years of business). Highly recommend you join if you want to take your business to multi-7 figures.


We just welcomed 11 women into our high-ticket certification program at $35K each. We are so grateful for this opportunity to be part of ICONIC EMPIRE and the fact that we were able to do this in the first 30-days is mind-blowing.

Patrcia & Robbie

Hi beautiful Victoria, I know it's your weekend so no need to respond but just wanted to celebrate with you. I brought in several new women to Inspiratrix this week after our conversation. And with the pay in full bonus two of them pain in full. So I went from feeling scarcity on Monday to this being over 27,000 cash this week.

So grateful for your support and know this is just the beginning.


I have never seen someone so giving in business and Victoria's heart and belief in my business is life-changing.


Such an amazing opportunity to grow your business FAST. Run don't walk to the IE Mastermind and join.


Everything I hoped to get in the 12-month Mastermind I got by the end of the first week. Best $20K I have ever spent on my business.


As a Marketing Agency Owner, I love how experimental the group is. Always expanding our vision and the possibilities of what we can do.


Thanks Victoria, this is the smartest decision I have ever made to grow my business. Having you in my back pocket is my secret sauce in my business.


The 8-FIGURE AI SECRETS masterclass series has literally changed my life. I have gone from working 6 x  15-hours days to working 3-days a week and falling back in love with my business again.


Victoria is the most transparent Business Mentor I have ever worked with and has a level of marketing understanding and how to explain it in the most simple way possible. I highly recommend the ICONIC EMPIRE Mastermind.


We have made our first sale from the back-end of the 3-day trial and the company paid $88K in full! We have never had this much money in our business bank account before. Thanks team, we are ready to take the price from $88K to $150K like you recommended Victoria.


I have finished IE and my monthly profits have gone from $12K to $220K consistently and I couldn't be happier. V, you have changed my life and I've just sent you a photo of my first-class ticket to Paris. Here's to you.


ICONIC EMPIRE has changed my life and how I make money forever. My dream to move to Bali and work 2-days a week has come true and 90% of my business is now passive income. Dreams really do come true 🤍


I closed a client on a $25,000 package and this has been the biggest game changer in my business. ICONIC EMPIRE has changed my life and I feel so excited about what is to come. Using Victoria's IE Strategy makes me feel so calm and confident and the fact that I no longer have to hustle, feels incredible!


My 11-week emotional self-mastery course has now hit $50K and I am only 3-weeks into ICONIC EMPIRE. I would never have thought to sell at this ultra premium price point and the fact that people bought after the "value before transaction" was mind-blowing. Love the sacred sale and the effortless YES...IE has given me the tools for LIMITLESS WEALTH.


The LI outreach through Expandi has changed my business 100%. My Mastermind is now sold out and the second round is almost full. I have started my waitlist for the Italian retreat and have 19 people on it. Let's go.


Just letting you know our first month was $200K, second month we hit $275K and we are on track for $400K this month. You have changed our life V and our multiple stream of profits is growing beautifully.

Sean & Emily