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Are you ready to embark on a transformational experience that will turn your dreams of a 7 or 8-figure life and business into reality?

The is an exclusive and intimate opportunity for those who are committed to experiencing a life and business that only a few can envision, let alone achieve. 

This is an invitation to my own personal world where together we will embark on curated and personalised experiences (both professionally and personally) and all with a sprinkle of fearless imagination and a core belief that anything is possible, we will co-create your UNICORN life and business.

UNICORN MASTERY is the ultimate peer group with a world-class brains trust and an unparalleled opportunity for networking, connection, and collaboration, where together we are going to curate your unicorn existence. 

From exploring innovative and unique business opportunities, to meeting with a spiritual leader in Bali, to being kissed by an elephant and blessed by a monk in Thailand, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and going behind the scenes of some of New York's most iconic venues, THIS is the transformational experience you have been waiting for.

Limited to an exclusive group of serious players worldwide. If you are courageous enough to join this transformational experience and become the most dynamic version of yourself, NOW is the time to say YES to yourself.

You must have a passion for life, be open to life-changing experiences, and an unwavering commitment to personal and professional achievement. 

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You will experience:

  • Instant access to the 30-day step-by-step U.N.I.C.O.RN blueprint (this is the proven method to take you from where you are now to minimum $100K months consistently).

  • Unlimited daily coaching and mentoring with me personally (M-F) on Slack (imagine the impact that this kind of consistency and accountability can make in all areas of your life).

  • Lifetime Impact and Transformation: Beyond the 12-month journey, the impact of UNICORN MASTERY lasts a lifetime. This experience isn't just about temporary gains; it's a catalyst for sustained personal and professional growth, leaving an indelible mark on your journey toward a truly extraordinary life.
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After being part of this transformative and life-changing experience , life will never be the same.

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How Others Enjoyed Working with Victoria


Everything I hoped to get in the 12-month Mastermind I got by the end of the first week. Best $20K I have ever spent on my business.


Such an amazing opportunity to grow your business FAST. Run don't walk to the YOUR FIRST MILLION course and join today. You don't want to miss it


As a Marketing Agency Owner, I love how experimental the group is. Always expanding our vision and the possibilities of what we can do.